March 4, 2010

Travellers in Time and Space

Some very exciting news! My good friend Greg Gilpatrick's new short for The Apples in stereo goes live today. A viral promotion for the Apples' upcoming album Travelers Through Space and Time, the video features frontman Robert Schneider and Elijah Wood as himself... sort of. Take a look!

I hired on as production designer for the shoot, which happened just after the new year. In addition to scavenging for props and set pieces, I worked with Greg and handyman Billy Lalor to design and build the E.L.F.N.T.-6 Machine... something of an adventure with power tools. It came out looking pretty damn snappy.

Additional videos to come, musical & otherwise. In the meantime, the machine-inspired site is live here.

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Unknown said...

That is pretty sweet dude!!!