January 30, 2009

Dream for Darfur

Early last year, I was approached by a friend about creating some viral animations for Dream for Darfur. While unfortunately nothing official came from the work, it was a good experience of generating work concerning a highly charged issue. 

During the development of the project, the Olympic Committee released a series of mascots, or Fuwa (top row). The cute and cuddliness of these characters stood in such strange contrast to the horrors being protested by Dream for Darfur, they seemed like ripe targets for the campaign. I created a set of modified Fuwas (second row), as well as a set of subversively dark Genocide Mascots (bottom row). The line of creating cartoonish creatures to address the situation in Darfur was no doubt terribly delicate; I felt that the frightful seriousness of the mascots (as opposed to the goofiness of this chosen spot) would make for a more appropriate tact. 

An early animatic...

... and few of the pieces, plates, and stills:

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